Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga


I've heard of gratitude thinking, but what is an ''elation'' thought?

You'll notice almost one of the first things Mindjoga\'99 asks of you is to find your elation thought! This is one single thought which, when you put it into your mind, makes you smile, laugh, feel elated.

The purpose of your elation thought is to 'flip-your-switch' in any moment from negative feelings to positive feelings; a bit like turning the light on in your head!

We've all heard the saying ''you are what you eat'. Well, Mindjogis know; 'we are actually what we think we will eat!'. So our elation thought is our first step in changing the whole thought-emotion-behaviour pattern. Imagine approaching the fridge to do some anxiety-eating and popping the vision of you in that flowing white dress when you were 20kg lighter into your head! You're going for the celery now, not the cheese! It's the same in every facet of life. We get the thought right, the emotion changes and the desired behaviour follows. So this is a simple but very important starting point for all Mindjogis!

Make sure your elation thought is something which has no negative associations for you. Eg. Puppy's cutie-pie face is great, but if he is a naughty puppy\'85 well you might just find yourself grimacing after a few seconds and that's not what we want. We want a thought that can sustain a smile, a laugh, deep contentment or peace for several minutes if necessary!

Personally, I find the basket of Persian kittens works every time! And in our EQUILIBRIUM visualisation we go to a beautiful beach. And your thought doesn't have to be the same every time! If you have multiple happy places to go in your mind; go for it!

We don't use a gratitude thought at this stage because there are many people who come to Mindjoga\'99 at a time in their lives where finding gratitude is difficult. And genuine gratitude, an extremely important mindset for our transformation, is something you can't just whip up out of thin air. It takes time to find it and time to install permanently into our neurology.

Posted on: 22/10/2015 Author: corinna
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Human V.2.0

With the way the world is, I'm thinking we need a different human being. An upgraded model. A human version 2.0.

I think the most critical thing for every man, woman and child right now on the planet is to be evolving for life. This new paradigm which appears to have come from out of nowhere to hit us with a reality of bloody medieval violence and unimaginable government treachery.

How is it that almost every conceived human invention has evolved to fit it's new modern environment, but almost every human has not! Our external hardware has a new dingle or dongle, interface or plug-in; but our internal workings are stuck on stoneage!

We all clearly see the wrong in the world and the impotence of world leaders and most individuals. But we choose not to notice, or do not comprehend. Error code - update failure! Arghhhh....

The world needs a frontal labotomy that's for sure. A software upgrade. And one which is painless, even enjoyable, and allows for a complete human roll-out.


Posted on: 17/10/2015 Author: corinna
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The Secret to Happiness

Is anybody out there really happy? I mean, when we sit down with our closet doors wide open and look straight at the elephants in our rooms too. Would you put your hand up to happiness?

You, yes you! Lovely reader! Are you completely happy with yourself and your life? When you look around at your friends and family are you happy for them or do you find yourself comparing your spot in the race with them? And do you spend enough time in the beautiful home you pay most of your hard earned money for?! Do you get good ROI from the hefty tax you pay for the pleasure of partaking in groundhog day? How does the current climate of violence in the media rate with your anxiety levels?

Survey says no, yes, no and no. ....And through the roof feelings from sick in the stomach to mild panic attacks.

Why do we chose to live this way? Are our little legs going so fast they can't stop for a moment to re-prioritise? Or maybe it's just too painful to think what stopping will expose? There's a whole big wonderful world out there which most don't get to experience because of this. When was the last time you stopped to smell the flowers? Literally AND metaphorically? Do you want to? Do you want to know how to slip off the hamster wheel? Keep reading....!!

Posted on: 22/09/2015 Author: corinna
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URL: http://www.mindjoga.com/blog/corinna/The-Secret-to-Happiness


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