Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga

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Fear - our imagination on steroids?

Consider this...

You're taking your usual morning walk. The weather is fine and you feel relaxed. You take a step on to the road to cross over; and WHAM from out of nowhere a car misses you by inches. You jump back, your heart is racing, the hairs on your body are on end, you are shaking, sweating, breathing is laboured, fast and shallow. You're frozen to the spot. All signs that your fight/flight It takes you a long time for your body to come back to a relaxed state.

Now fast forward to the next day. You're taking the same walk. Again, the weather is fine and you're feeling nice and relaxed. But even as you approach to cross the road you find yourself becoming agitated, your heart starts to race; your breathing becomes laboured, you can feel the little hairs on the back of your neck prickling; you find yourself sweating.

A belief has been created in your mind that crossing this road is dangerous. And the thought as you approach it sends your inner goat to the fight/flight destination. Even though there is no danger today.

What is the difference between these two events?

Well, in the first event there was a reason for real fear;
and in the second, only an imagined reason for fear.

''The mind creates real physical fear responses to thought. Anxiety is fear in a situation where there is no actual present danger.''

So it stands to reason that ALL thought has this power. All thought effects us physiologically in some way. It may be that it invokes our fight/flight response, it may be that it is drowning our cells in our happy hormones. But all the same, thought is the fat controller when it comes to our physiology.

And now it is easy to see how Mindjogis can be free of fear - Because the EQUILIBRIUM 4 Step Process hijacks the stress reaction at the thought stage so that fear emotion cannot manifest.

We create what we are thinking. We are what we think we are.

So we might as well make it good!

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