Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga

Change Your Mind. Change Your Life. Change Your World.

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It's not about Hypnosis, it's about De-hypnosis

Mindjoga™ understands the fact that humanity is already very hypnotised. And not in a good way.

But not everybody knows it.
And not everybody who knows it wants to acknowledge it.

Mindjoga™ is for evolutionaries. Those who recognise it, acknowledge it, and want to be part of the global solution. For the environment, for the people and for the safety of animals.

Milton Erickson, a respected American psychologist and author specializing in medical hypnosis and family therapy said that people walk around in a trance of dis-empowerment and
that his job as a hypnotherapist was not to hypnotise them but to wake them from this trance.

From cradle to grave we are told how to behave.

Government, banks, education, the health system, our families, our cultures, religion set the rules and govern our existence while children starve, unethical rulers carry out genocide, natural resources are destroyed and the ordinary person is kept busy as job-fodder for survival, we live following systems based in the middle ages and often earlier.

Most of the organisations governing this backward, broken ideology are too monolithic to be able to keep up with technology and new information. Most of the individuals in these organisations are too asleep and comfortable with their lives to want to move with technology and new information.

Change for our world cannot come from these monolithic organisations. Change for our planet can only come from the hearts and minds of individuals. A peaceful revolution and evolution. A Trojan horse. A rug pulled from under.

Mindjoga examines what human evolution requires and provides solutions toward a new way of thinking which brings us back to our innate, unadulterated selves; compassionate, loving beings inspired to care for every living, feeling human and non-human being and their environment.

For peace. For joy. For equilibrium. Are you an evolutionary?

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