Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga

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Assisted Karma; first the inner child… then the inner goat… now for the fun part. The inner witch

As we have seen, self-love is key to success in practising Mindjoga™

Maintaining a strong sense of self-love is also critical and this can be tough when life appears to throw hurtful events at us.

We already know it is important when something hurtful happens that we honour ourselves and our personal energy frequency.

What if the lesson is not a part of our path but part of anothers?
We are all inexticably linked. Of course we often get caught up in someone elses drama, someone elses karma.

What we need to understand is the negative energy around it can threaten to undo all our good work in obtaining our own personal EQUILIBRIUM, and we just can't let that happen.

When the lesson is not ours we're aiming for a simple process of assisted karma; assisting Universal energy to consummate the hurtful event and send the karma where it's needed. We joke about it as being akin to our inner witch, but I can assure you this is in no way a vindictive or negative process. The inner witch is most definitely a white witch!

It may have what may seem negative outcomes for the perpetrator. But as we Mindjogis know, the purpose of pain is growth, and the lesson (dictated by universal energy) will most definitely be one which is needed for growth whether the other party understands it or not.

Assisted Karma Process:

It starts with using EQUILIBRIUM 4 Step Process when the hurt hits us.

Journal - Reality test your reaction/response and if it tests positive for reality:

Use your AWAKENING meditation:

Where you would usually use your personal affirmations use this invocation instead:
''I co-mandate with the universe and creator of all that is to return EQUILIBRIUM to my personal and universal energy [then state the event and the reality tested injustice]''

Apply kinesiology and confirm and repeat the words ''it is done'' several times.

Communicate the rebalance to the perpetrator as follows:
''As you know, I was really hurt by [the event/situation] and am obliged to let you know I have invoked karma through meditation as part of my healing.''

This is an important process to keep your own personal EQUILIBRIUM in balance - think of all the hard work you have done clearing your negativity and inhibiting beliefs. This is kind of like your maintenance.

It is important to communicate the assisted karma to the perpetrator because:

Steps 1-5 set the stage for step 6 which installs belief to the mind of the perpetrator of the injustice. If, as our reality test confirms, there has been an injustice, the communication of the invocation will attach to the guilt {which always exists} in the perpetrator. It is this belief which will attract the karmic energy.

Relax and allow the universe to do it's work.

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