Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga

Change Your Mind. Change Your Life. Change Your World.


Make loneliness a thing of the past

Loneliness is a killer that's for sure; we know that babies who are fed and cleaned but receive no loving words or touch don't survive. Human connection is extremely important for our health.

And celebrations such as the Christmas season can magnify the devastation of loneliness. It can leave you dreading the holidays but you're not alone; millions of people all over the world greet celebrations like Christmas with feelings of dread.

''I feel lucky because I understand that loneliness is just a part of our journey; destination happy alone and in a frame of mind to attract the right partner when I'm ready. You see I have a Mindjogi mindset. I know that once you see loneliness is only part of your amazing journey, meant to help you, everything changes. It's not what is happening to us in any given moment in our lives but how we are reacting to it that matters. … and very importantly - every feeling, yes every feeling - passes - not with time; with a change in your perception to whatever is happening.''
Corinna, the creator of Mindjoga™

The changes Mindjoga™ will make to your way of thinking will change the way you look at loneliness and move forward with a renewed sense of hope and enjoyment - and it will help you cope with the emotions around loneliness so you can work on bringing new friends (and so so much more) into your life


Mindjogais a Registered Trademark of Corinna McPherson
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