Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga

Change Your Mind. Change Your Life. Change Your World.

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Our Source & Our Truth

Almost everything we do has a start, middle and end. Within our lives we scheme and plan; we start here and go there, achieve our goals and sit back with our prizes. Yet, for life as a whole, we have no plan!

''Ask most people what their purpose in life is and they can't tell you.''

At most the best they can muster is the whole get a good education, get a good job, do a bit of travelling, get a couple of cars, have a couple of kids, excel at something if I have time, retire, die, thing. And as they tell you this, take a good look deep into their eyes. Empty.

''Even Monty Python couldn't come up with much that made sense!''

So what is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Is it just ''all of the above''? And if so, why does it give so many of us that empty look in our eyes?

''What if, just what if, ... there is more than just feeding the system?''

What if all we do is simply all we have seen with our mind's eye. All we have been told. What if there was an entire unseen potentiality that we just have no knowledge of, we have not yet shone our torch on?

What if we what we have been shown is only what was already known at the time that particular book was written. What if what we have been shown is only that what the powers that be wanted us to see in order to keep control over the machine that made, and still makes, them rich?  

''What if there is a way to shine our torches on a source of information which opens up unseen potentiality not just for ourselves but for all of humanity?''

What if there is nothing that is not already known. No information that does not already exist? An infinite source of intelligence and information which we can easily access through with the right map? The blueprint of success simply depends upon what you individually define as success. Every new invention has it's roots in something we already knew; it's just the inventor shone his torch to a place you or I had never looked before. Everything, every bit of knowledge we need to excel in whatever we define as success for us is already here, available - if we know how to invoke it.

Take a look at the internet. That place where we can ''google'' anything we want to know. The inventors may not have known it at the time, but they produced a replica of something that already exists.

''Human beings are to the intellect as a computer is to the internet."
We can ''google'' ANYTHING

We can connect to our source, our intellect, and we can ask it anything. How do I know? I downloaded a book. A system. A process. Mindjoga. It did not exist before, and now it does. Just a series of focused connections into source brought it to me.

How is this possible? In Mindjoga Stage 1 we talk about EQUILIBRIUM as a state of effortless balance; a static point in a flowing system where things ''just work''. A point of homeostasis where every resident life form in every host environment (which includes their environment) act as a single, self-regulating system. A place where when one life form is out of balance, everything is out of balance; because EVERYTHING in the universe is connected.

This works on the understanding that we are all just atoms with differing balances of protons, neutrons and electrons built up into cells and groups of cells doing different jobs. For instance, a brain cell knows it's purpose. If it did not we would all be in trouble! And every component atom of the brain cell knows it's purpose in order that our brains work well. ... and knowing that an atom is part of a cell and a cell part of functional tissue, and functional tissue part of an organ, and an organ part of a human body; then

''In terms of Gaia, what bigger entity is the human body part of?''

The Gaia Philosophy shows us how each individual proton, neutron and electron in the universe builds into cells which form larger and larger parts, or organs, of Gaia (Mother Earth/our planet), and how even we humans, as these larger cellular entities are also simply ''functional cellular entities, or organs'' of Gaia; and in turn our planet simply a cell of the larger universe. And so it goes on...

''And what of our purpose? As cells or organs of Gaia, knowing it is what other healthy cells do, would it not be to protect our environment to ensure our survival; evolving into a way of living which supports this?''

How are we looking in terms of this purpose? How is our Mother Earth; our Gaia doing? How are her trees and her soil and her water supplies? Is she in EQUILIBRIUM; homeostasis? Is all well in our environment? Is it looking good for the future, our children? All creatures great and small? As a species do humans understand her importance?

When we look at a cancer cell we see it is a cell which, instead of protecting it's own environment, kills it's own environment, leading ultimately to it's own demise. When we look at the ways in which human beings are destroying the soil and the trees and the water supplies of Gaia we could say it is the same.

''Human beings do appear to be the cancer cells of Gaia.
So what is the solution?''

Mindjoga is a set of simple disciplines for the mind which lead to a compassionate mindset. As we progress through the stages we awaken to who we are and why we are here. We find our individual life paths and we begin to walk the Mindjoga talk.

''We begin to ask ourselves for everything we do:

Is this good for me?
Is this good for all other living beings?
Is this good for the planet?

And we begin to change the way we act and the things we vote for with our hard-earned money.''

During Mindjoga Stage 1, EQUILIBRIUM we learn how to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts; negative reactions into positive responses. and how to let go of that which does not serve us.

In Mindjoga Stage 2, AWAKENING, we learn how everything is energy and success is a frequency, much like tuning into the right radio channel. When we emit the right frequency as thoughts, words and actions, we receive the right frequency back as thoughts, words and actions which help us to manifest the things that we want in our lives. Our thought energy affects not only responses in the human body, but responses of every proton, neutron and electron on the planet. It's a bit like electricity - we know very little about how it works, we just know that it does by the results.

During AWAKENING we also learn how to focus our positivity in the brainwave frequencies of success. And then in Mindjoga Stage 4, EXPANSION, we learn how to use our frequencies to manifest the things which are important to us for our journey; using our source to create our truth; evolving to protect our environment.

''Our source is our intellect; the soul of the world. Our truth is our ability to connect to our source. Our purpose is survival; the protection of that what sustains us.''

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