Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga

Change Your Mind. Change Your Life. Change Your World.

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Pretty Pictures in our Minds

We all dream. Hope floats us; keeps us going and get us through our hum drum days.

When you look at the western dream; you will notice that most people's dreams are very similar!

  • ''Qualifications''
  • A life partner
  • 2 cars
  • 2.2 kids
  • To own a home
  • To take nice holidays/travel
  • To have enough free cash to buy whatever the media thinks we need to fit in.
  • There may be the odd variation, but basically, that's the core.

    So why, with over 7 billion people in the world should so many aspire to and spend their entire lives trying to achieve the very same?

    Two things:
    Our social conditioning/programming
    & our sense of self in relation to this programming.

    Collective Pain Bodies

    We can come into the world with the energies of past - historic, pain. Examples of collective pain might be cultural, religious, racial or national. People with a strong collective pain body often portray strong and seemingly unjustified characteristics of incredible victimisation (an example might be the plight of the Jews) or guilt (an example of this might be the offspring of Nazis). These are often latent and deeply unconscious and require cathartic work to release the stored negativity such as we work on in Mindjoga Stage 3, RESTORATION, to release them.

    Our family - one of the earliest conditioners

    When we hold our new borns they are just allowed to 'be'. We gaze at the perfection and ask nothing of them. But over time we teach them that is not enough. They have to 'do' certain things to be acceptable; comply with certain rules, fit into certain boundaries.

    We have become humans-doing; not humans being.

    Different families have different rules. Different beliefs and values. Come from different cultures, follow different religions. Family programming is one of the earliest programming we receive. The WORM program is set (Write Once Read Many times), and those early programs affect us time and time again throughout our lives. Take some time to think; what was the culture of your family? Was it happy? Serious? Rigid? Did your parents have time for you? Was there a sense of freedom? Adventure? Did you feel loved? Think back to your early years. How would your mother and father have been feeling? These emotions would have formed the first layer of social conditioning in your life. Our family lives are generally our first experience of that wonderful feeling of belonging.

    Our culture

    Cultural conditioning also contributes to the core of your family conditioning. Cultural beliefs and values which have their roots in the past and have run over the eons flow automatically into our family values. The community our families belong would also take from cultural and religious beliefs and values and of course this too flows into the family values. Cultural beliefs and practices can infiltrate almost every facet of our lives, from our personal behaviour to how we communicate and integrate with others to art, music, dance and food, to how we treat our youngers and elders and how we celebrate important milestones. It can bring fun and colour to our lives and a wonderful feeling of belonging.

    Our religion

    Religion is a strong source of our conditioning often taking away our critical need for self-responsibility. It is a wonderful feeling to be responsible for nothing, to look to a bigger entity to define and explain every event in our lives, but the truth is; self-responsibility is the key to our own happiness, the health of the planet and the happiness of the world. Perhaps not as old as our culture, religion also fulfils that feeling of belonging.

    Our government

    The way different countries are governed affects our social conditioning. Rules are set and compliance enforced. Some cuntries are governed religion through religious script. The country we grow up in can greatly affect the disposable money we have; the way we look at life and the possibilities we see and the opportunity for free-thinking. Government propaganda can lead to a strong feeling of national belonging.

    Our education

    Each government has a program covering every aspect of our lives including education. It defines what children learn and how children learn. Our children who come into the world in a right-brain theta brain pattern have swapped much of their creative, imaginative abilities by the time they are through junior school for the more left-brain thinking of compliance. The all important self-responsibility makes way for religious dogma and we stop looking for our own path whilst being spoon-fed the path of yesteryear (the destination of which, look at the world around you, leaves much to be desired). Individual schools promote a sense of safety and identity for the children and a feeling of belonging.


    Media warrents capital letters as a source of social conditioning because it is such a powerful source of social conditioning. We are a society addicted to screens which constantly tell us what we have to be, do and buy to be accepted. Advertisements are repeated over and over, political messages are ingrained. Our choices become limited as we build a picture in our minds of what we have to be, do and have in order to gain that feeling of belonging.

    The beginning of marching to our own drum

    We have already discussed the incredible importance human beings put upon ''ACCEPTANCE''. We see acceptance as love. And love is as important as food and water and air to us. The sense of community and need to be part of something bigger drives us to conform to the crowd. And in that we lose our individuality and ability to achieve or even see the purpose we were born to live. We can see above that every element of our social conditioning provides the much coveted feeling of belonging.

    The knowledge that is missing consciously is that the firstmost acceptance we need in our lives is SELF ACCEPTANCE. From this comes the understanding of our innate needs and the self love which puts self responsibility before the giving away of personal power and placing all hope and responsibility on external entities.

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