Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga

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I've heard of the inner child… but omg -
an inner goat?!!!

The inner child is a concept created by psychologists to describe our childlike aspect. A semi-independent entity subordinate to the waking conscious mind and motivated by all that we learned and experienced as children.

Truth is, most of us experience our inner child as the ruler of our minds. If we in our waking conscious minds are the leaders of said minds then surely our inner child is an anarchist and we most certainly have been deposed!

When our inner child takes over we can feel bad. Confusion, frustration, self-doubt can take over. And these can quickly spiral into anxiety and at the other end of the scale, depression. Either way nothing positive gets done. Our inner child can be said to be a silent saboteur of much that we consciously aspire to.

So how do we take back control?

Firstly we have to understand that taking back control is intrinsic to happiness and very possible.

What has happened can be simply compared to downloading a software program for your computer. Software programs are designed to be written once and read by the computer many times to provide a reliable result. That is what is going on in our minds with our early programming. The inner child is simply responding to an old (WORM: Write Once Read Many times) program.
Of course, we choose computer programs to help and enable us achieve particular results. If the software doesn't achieve the results we want, or because of movement in technology, no longer serves us, the developers may tweak and refine it until it offering upgrades until does. It's the same with the early programming to our minds. We just have to learn to be the developer of our own minds; accessing the programs which no longer serve us and upgrading them. That's where Mindjoga comes in.

First we have to make friends with our inner child. Understand what drives him/her. What is the purpose of his/her program? We will find it is always safety. But keeping us safe in an environment we no longer live in. So of course an upgrade is needed. Usually well overdue.

And the inner goat?!

Well, Basically our early programs have formed a reliable habit which takes us to the same destination. A bit like the mountain goat. (and the destination is usually arghhhh *!*!!* expletives when we are consciously striving for different results!)

Have you ever seen those well worn tracks? That's because goats suffer from sheep syndrome. Not only do they follow the SAME reliable track but they follow the goat in front who is running the same reliable program. And as they do, the track gets deeper and wider and stronger and the goats forget they actually could, if they looked up for a minute, take a different route! So we could say our inner child is being led by our strong and stubborn inner goat... just as we do with the 'system' in real life. We just have to get our inner children to tame the goat to take us to pastures new.

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