Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga

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Transformation Vs Change

As we all know - change requires effort. If a particular change you want and need requires more effort than you can muster it is usually as sign that your inner child in putting his/her foot down!

When this happens what you are actually experiencing is a war between your subconscious mind (which is approximately 95% of your mind power) and your conscious mind (which is approximately 5% of your mind power).

So you can see that is a no-win situation! And makes you easy prey for the multitude of companies willing to take your money in return for miracle diets, miracle cures, miracle transformations etc.

Transformation is to change as Equilbrium is to balance. It's effortless. Quantumly, it's that static point in a living system where everything JUST WORKS.
No effort needed. The subconscious and the conscious part of your mind are in agreement. Synergy.

Just imagine never having to diet again. Being able to drop destructive habits without the pain. And being able to walk away emotionally from everything and everyone who does not serve us. No guilt, no frustration, no procrastination, no anger, no remorse!

Quantumly again, science has proven that this point of synergy is rarely reached without first going through chaos. And that would be the stress you are experiencing.

Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize winning Belgian theoretical chemist's work with the second law of thermodynamics concluded that the universe is a process of increasing order not in spite of chaos, but because of it. And of course, physical and emotional stress ARE the chaos in the human system!

So stress is, in fact, a natural and essential part of the evolutionary process for humans. Stress is part of the 'entropy', or gradual decline into disorder, which forces either the complete breakdown of our system (death) or the eventuation of an 'ah-ha' moment that facilitates our escape to a higher order.
This is good news! What this means is society really has it wrong! Stress, anxiety and depression are not causes to feel sorry for, poke, prod and try to find out what is wrong with us. They are evolutionary signs! They are signs that we are evolutionary beings simply needing to read and follow these signs! If you are suffering badly with stress, take grace in the fact that you are probably more evolved than perhaps the next person who is suffering less, or not at all. So where do we start? How do we read these signs? And where do they lead?

'The signs will lead us to the life we were meant to live; the path we were meant to take. The contribution we are here to make to humanity and the environment that sustains humanity.''

And the starting point is our self-talk. Be careful what you are saying… because you are listening. Our self talk is possibly THE most powerful influence in our lives.
Primarily an unconscious process, the chitter-chatter that goes on in the background shapes our emotions and our actions every second of every day.

''It is not that we are what we eat.
It is that we are what we think we will eat''

Before we fix our weight, we have to fix the self-talk of our hungry little inner child behind our choices! When this is done we will eat with awareness, not with sadness nor comfort nor anxiety.
And it is so for every area of our lives that we find ourselves battling in. Relationships, money, health, work, me-time, self-nurture, honouring our paths.
Wherever you are battling in life change can rarely be achieved consciously. We need to dig deeper, change negative programming, make friends with our inner child, reprogram for healthy thinking. Only then will our self-talk change; you know, that voice that says… not the celery damn-it! THE CHEESE!!!!
To change painful negative reactions to positive effective responses we must make friends with our inner child and our inner goat!

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