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Why What We Resist Persists

War is a Mindset. It is resistance to the other party's point of view.

And when we look at how wars start it is easy to see that whatever we fight - we strengthen. When one country declares war on another; the people of the other country puff themselves up; become indignant, rally together and prepare to fight back. The thing that the declaring party were resisting to the point of going to war has just created strength and resistance in the victimised country.

It is the same when we resist anything. The thing we resist will strengthen and persist in our lives. Because the thing we are resisting is something we fear and energetically need to experience.

Whatever we resist persists.
Whatever we fight, we strengthen.

Resistance is a place of negativity, stress; it can be the silent resistance our unconscious Mind gives to our conscious efforts as we saw with our iceberg. Or it can be our conscious resistance to whatever is happening in the moment. Whichever it is, it causes frustration & suffering in our lives when we seem to work so hard to achieve our dreams only to end up once more in a pattern of failure.

Not only do we resist external things - we also resist our own conscious needs and efforts

In order to reach a place of non-resistance we must first reach a place of non-judgement. When we do not judge ourselves or any other person or situation we are allowing ourselves to detach from the them. When we are able to hold this state of detachment - resistance will simply melt away.

Living in a place of non-judgement, detachment and non-resistance brings a subtle peace and stillness deep within you even in the face of something seemingly bad. These three things know 'this too will pass'.

Change is a constant thing in our universe. Nothing ever stays the same. The Universe is just one moving entity made up of many smaller moving entities which are also made up of many smaller moving entities and so on. Given time, everything comes to pass, to change. When we become aware of this, all emotion is manageable; for even emotion is simply just energy-in-motion.

Detachment is simply another word we can use when we talk about preferring instead of expecting an outcome; rather than being needy of an outcome.

It is simply the fear of the unknown which makes us resist. We subconsciously resist the very changes we want & need to create success in our adult lives. It is this resistance to 'changing ways which we feel have kept us safe through our younger years' which creates resistance; more commonly known as stress'.

Fear of the unknown is simply imagination. Do we know how any situation will turn out? No. Do we make all manner of forecasts as to how any situation might turn out? Yes. And how do we make those forecasts? With information from similar situations from our past or the past of others. When we stop adding negative forecasts to situations for which we cannot know the outcome, we give a positive outcome a chance.

When we understand that In our adult lives our environment changes and the thinking which kept us safe when we were young may no longer be relevant we can begin to change it. Because although the unconscious, automatic responses designed to keep us safe in our younger years may now limit and inhibit us - our inner child tenaciously hangs on to them because we are generally unaware of these early decisions we made for ourselves.

What this means is we unconsciously resist the very changes we want & need to lead happy & successful lives in the now, and it is this resistance which creates the discomfort & suffering in our lives that we know as success inhibiting stress.

It is never an event or person which causes our stress. It is our resistance to them or it. The resistance is triggered by a 'thwarted want' or a negative experience or memory recorded somewhere within our subconscious mind (our underwater iceberg) at a deep level. We subconsciously or consciously recall the pain we felt before and we try to stop a repeat of it by resisting whatever is happening in that moment.

Another interesting fact is that when we resist something, whether it be something in our own lives, or some quality in another person, whatever we are resisting is usually something we want or need to experience more of in our own lives.

The ''thwarted want'' was of course something you once wanted; the negative experience deeply recorded was something important to you which you did not get.

And we tend to become frustrated with people who are doing things that we consider inappropriate or selfish... things we may secretly need but would not allow ourselves to do because of our social conditioning.

Three Steps to beating Resistance:

1. EQUILIBRIUM 4-Step Process.
2. Change your thought to ''prefer'', instead of ''expect''.

3. Let whatever happening be ok - know that everything happens for a reason. And always a better one.

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