Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga
Evolve 4 Life with Mindjoga

Human V.2.0

With the way the world is, I'm thinking we need a different human being. An upgraded model. A human version 2.0.

I think the most critical thing for every man, woman and child right now on the planet is to be evolving for life. This new paradigm which appears to have come from out of nowhere to hit us with a reality of bloody medieval violence and unimaginable government treachery.

How is it that almost every conceived human invention has evolved to fit it's new modern environment, but almost every human has not! Our external hardware has a new dingle or dongle, interface or plug-in; but our internal workings are stuck on stoneage!

We all clearly see the wrong in the world and the impotence of world leaders and most individuals. But we choose not to notice, or do not comprehend. Error code - update failure! Arghhhh....

The world needs a frontal labotomy that's for sure. A software upgrade. And one which is painless, even enjoyable, and allows for a complete human roll-out.


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