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Release stress, anxiety, procrastination. De-hypnotise. Be empowered. Be calm & in control every day regardless of what life throws at you. KNOW your Worth in the World. Uncover your Amazing Potential
Mindjoga is a completely new way of looking at stress and anxiety.

What if we have been looking at stress and anxiety in the wrong way?

What if stress & anxiety were actually important triggers to human evolution?

What if the more stressed we are the more evolutionary a being we are?

And what could happen if we started to look at them in this new way? Not as an illness to be poked and prodded and fixed but as an important catalyst not only to our own personal transformation but to the changes in our world we all so need and want?

What if stressing, looked at the right way, really is a blessing?

And what if we could help you look at it that way? And turn your world around.
We know that we don't know what we don't know. Isn't that what evolution is? Taking what's already here and moving it a step forward in a new and better way?

Imagine a car. For it to work it must have an exhaust pipe. If you stick a potato in it's tailpipe it will stall, come to a complete stop.

It must be able to release fumes. If it cannot, the essential flow is halted. The fumes back up and there is no room for fresh air to be drawn into the engine and without oxygen the car cannot burn fuel. It's going nowhere.

In the field of Thermodynamics (see Ilya Prigogine), physicists have confirmed that these rules which apply to machines also apply to 'all energy systems in the universe'. Of which humans are a part.

What if our stress energy is our 'fumes'?

Then we have been taught to put the potato in our outlet.
Think of a mother of a small child. The child is happy, smiling, gurgling. The mother responds with like encouraging more smiles and giggles. The child learns that it is ok to release positive energy.

Now think of that same mother with a small child in a supermarket. The child is unhappy, tired, screaming, chastising the situation. The mother reacts with like discouraging, chastising the behaviour. The child learns that it is not ok to release negative energy. As the child gets older he learns to push it down in order to be accepted. The 'fumes' become blocked.

So where do these 'fumes', or this negative energy, go? The child doesn't immediately stall or stop. Is it possible that the blockage builds slowly and stoppage depends upon the degree of the blockage? If you are reading this now it is likely that you have encountered some stoppage in your life. Stored negative energy which is inhibiting your success.

What if there is a way to release and avoid future build-up of unhappy negative energy ?

It's called Mindjoga. It's a simple set of disciplines for the mind to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. It's a simple process of unlearning those things which have put the potato in your tailpipe and limited your success so far.

My journey has brought me here to this exact point as has yours. In any moment we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. There is no right or wrong. The Universe winds us a merry path to our purpose and the length of it depends upon how quickly we are able we are to read the signs - and our purpose will always be one which will make the world a better place. You and I are meant to meet, right here, right now. My purpose is to help people to awaken. And you in turn may find that is your purpose too, for until that happens humans will continue to live with the misery of stress and anxiety and our precious planet will remain at real risk. We should remember the words of genius Stephen Hawking who suggested several years ago that humans should find another planet to inhabit within 100 years we don't change our ways. The only thing which can protect the environment we need to sustain us is a mass mindset change.
We only need to look at The World Health Organisation statistics on stress:

They estimate that currently 60% of all GP visits are due to stress;
And that by 2030 depression will be the leading cause of disability.
They state that globally someone takes their own life every 40 seconds.
And suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in 15-29yr olds.

What kind of world do we live in that our children don't aspire to life?

We have to be part of the change of we're simply part of the problem. We owe it to future generations not only to leave behind a better world, but to actually leave behind a habitable planet. I can't think of a better reason to be, can you?

It really does start with the 'man' (or woman!) in the mirror.

[man in the mirror video?]
On our individual journeys there are milestones. There will have been a time when we were unaware we were even on a journey, and that may still be true for you - though there is a crack in in this unawareness already searching. That's why you're here now. The more aware you become that you are on a journey the more signs you will see and more milestones you will reach. Often it is a traumatic event that puts the crack in our armour, think about that. What is it that has got you searching?

The first major milestone in my awareness was the death of my beautiful brother…. Before that point I now know myself to having been completely 'unaware'. I was going through divorce at the time and feeling some stress as would be expected and one morning during that already difficult period I received a call from my mother. My darling brother had taken his own life. I remember I dropped the phone not wanting it to be real and I remember feeling like all the lights had gone out in my soul. This was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. This was the event that cracked me open and left my soul seeking, searching for the answers that eventually brought me to this place of awareness. For all intents Mindjoga is 'John's Gift'. Without him I would never have found it. It taught me that in every piece of pain there is a gift. Let us help you find yours.